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(Lars Glasø)

I woke up in the middle of the night,


I was ready to fight, but couldn’t move

I was dreaming

A door was unlocked in the back of my mind

I felt my strength decline and wanted to resign



Someone called my name I started to shiver

Something was going on and I was supposed to deliver

Weak and frightened I stumbled out of bed

I was in a hurry, someone could be dead 

I prayed and hoped it was not too late

I was crying out loud you have to wait

But no one was listening, no one was near

Just me and my companion, my everlasting fear

Then I met a stranger who looked familiar to me

It was dark but I could clearly see

He was confused and in agony

searching for a key and a plan B

I felt a strong compassion for this man

who was looking for a direction, yearning for a plan

I told him he was great, that he could go to sleep again

Relieved he closed the door to Misery lane


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