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(Lars Glasø)

Mr.McGuire is sitting near the corner of

42nd Street and Fifth avenue

He is old and shabby and

his clothes are grey and blue

Once there was a Mrs.

and three children too

McGuire became a victim of a serious theft

A fatal car crash and he was the only one left

He lost his wife and children,

the point of living too

He ended up at the corner of

42nd Street and Fifth avenue 

McGuire smiles and bows gently

for every penny in the cup

But if you watch closely

he never looks up

Look him in the eyes you'll see

his mind is somewhere else

In the Highlands

with his family and friends

One day the place was empty,

no trace left behind 

McGuire was gone

and impossible to find 

A most peculiar case,

he'd just disappeared in the haze  

No one knew

the lonely man at 42nd Street

and Fifth avenue

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