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(Lars Glasø) No melody yet

Rainy day in London

An advertisement in the Times

A residence in Portofino

Where the sun always shines

Four women in pain

escaped from the rain

The house was lovely, the view immense

A nice place to make commence


There were reasons

for fleeing away

All were unhappy

in their own specific way

One was patronized on duty

another was chased for her beauty

A third was cheated on by her husband

while the last was living in the past


Living together

can be hard

They had to be honest

and show their cards


They were lodging well

their minds came at ease

any quarrel ended

as a gentle breeze

Husbands arrived later, the landlord too
The latter was married to number two
He was injured in the war and nearly blind
But could sense the beauty of a woman's mind

There are lessons to be learned from this story

There are facts that should be understood

Don’t be afraid of leaving your territory

Life may become easier and good

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